Influenced by the Coffee Culture in Glasgow, we have opened a Cafe in our Glasgow Surface+ flooring showroom. Relax and have a coffee while you view our flooring products. Our core business is great Coffee and Food, we are aware of the huge coffee and cycle culture in Scotland and we bring both of these great elements together to create a place to chill, chat, discuss, fuel up or relax over a great coffee and a sticky bun.
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MENU @ Surface+ Cafe


The Classic Beef: Scottish topside beef, mature cheddar, horseradish mayo, red onion and salad.

The Pole; Smoked sausage, beetroot, gherkins, horseradish mayo, wholegrain mustard and salad.

The Pole Veg: Hummus, beetroot, gherkins, horseradish mayo, wholegrain mustard & salad. (v)

The Coronation: Roast chicken, coronation mayo, raisins and coleslaw.

The German: 1ft long Frankfurter sausage with sauerkraut, potato salad, gherkins, mustard mayo & ketchup.

The Hammy; Ham, mature cheddar, coleslaw and lemon n basil mayo.

The Egg Hammy; Ham, egg mayo, mature cheddar, coleslaw and lemon n basil mayo.

The Egg; Free range egg mayo, red onion, and salad. (v)

The Veg; Hummus, pickled red pepper, gherkins, cream cheese, wholegrain mustard and salad. (v)

The Tuna: Tuna, red onion, Dutch mild cheese, gherkins and harissa mayo.

The Traditional: Mature cheddar, ham & garlic mayo toastie.

Surface+ Club: Roasted chicken, smoked crispy bacon, garlic mayo, tomato and salad.

Surface+ Clubless: Hummus, cream cheese, garlic mayo, tomato & salad.

The Asian: Roasted chicken, sweet chilli mayo with dark soya infused salsa and salad.

The Italian: Mozzarella with basil, garlic olive oil, tomato, balsamic vinegar and salad. (v)

The Middle Eastern: Falafel with Tahini, garlic and lemon mayo, tomato, pickles and salad. (v)

The Mexican: Roasted chicken, homemade salsa, cheese, guacamole and fajita seasoned mayo.

The Swedish: Swedish meatballs, beetroot, gherkins, salad and garlic seasoned mayo.

The French: French Brie, crispy smoked bacon, cranberry sauce, salad and garlic seasoned mayo.

The Scottish: Haggis with mature cheddar, onion chutney, garlic mayo, brown sauce and salad

The Comfort: Heinz baked beans on white toast with real butter (brown bread available too!).  *£2.95 

Crispy Ciabatta, Wholemeal or White Bloomer::                          £4.95 Sit In   Take away   £3.95

BAKED JACKET POTATOES Choose from our sandwich fillings or invent your own.                    £4.95

SALADS We have a wide variety of mixed salads and pickled vegetables.                                    £4.95

SOUPS Wholesome heart warming soups using fresh ingredients and good stock to deliver a great taste. All our soups are vegetarian and some are gluten free, please check when ordering.

Daily Fresh Soup (v) £2.95 Sit In    £2.20 Take Away              (£0.50 to have it with bread)  

SOUP n SANDWICH DEAL     Sit-In  £6.95        Take-Away         £5.50


Kimbo Coffee: Napoli, the world capital of Italian espresso. This is where Cafè do Brasil, the producers of Caffè Kimbo started out. It's one of the great Italian success stories that started in the '50s in the historical centre of Naples where a small roasting plant was set up for the sale of roasted coffee to coffee bars and coffee shops. Our mission is thus; to work with commitment and passion to guarantee coffee of excellent quality and unmistakable flavour, in the finest Neapolitan tradition; to offer the market a wide range of products to meet the diverse demands of the consumers and the evolution in technology; to spread the cult of espresso all over the world.

Americano                    £2.30 (single £2.00)       Latte                 £2.50 (single £2.20)        

Cappuccino                  £2.50 (single £2.20)       Espresso          £1.80 (single £1.50)                     

Flat White                     £2.40                               Mocha              £3.00 (single £2.70)                   

Extra shot                    £0.30                               Syrup               £0.30.


Hot Chocolate (incl. marshmallows & cream)          £2.60                                                               

Tea  £1.95   Herbal Tea  £2.00    Suki Tea                £2.50 pot


Soda cans                    £1.30                                                                                                                                  San Pellegrino cans     £1.60                                                                                                                                Soda Bottles                £1.90                                                                                                                     Water                           £1.30                                                                                                                                 Fruit Juice                    £1.60                                                                                                                                 Fruit Smoothie              £2.60*         *(made with real fruit, 100% fat free frozen yogurt & apple juice)

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