Noce Travertine

This versatile stone can be tumbled or honed and filled. Its hues of chocolate to walnut make it a distinctive addition to wall or floor. Medium wear resistance, suitable for domestic and light commercial use. Sealing recommended.

We recommend using honed and filled travertine stone only in light traffic areas due to the possibility of small holes opening up over time due to the nature of the stone. These can be filled with grout and re-sealed or can be resin-filled, re-honed and re-sealed by a professional tiler.

100 × 100 × 10mm tumbled
200 × 100 × 10mm tumbled
305 × 305 × 10mm tumbled
400 × 400 × 12mm honed & filled
600 × 400 × 12mm honed & filled
100 x free length x 12mm honed & filled

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