Rustic Multi Coloured Slate

Rustic Multi Coloured Slate Tiles have a marked riven surface creating a rustic charm and possess a variety of striking colours from greens to oranges – no two slate tiles are the same. These tiles are readily available in a variety of sizes including the Classical 3-Way Opus pattern. Slate is a fine grained rock formed from layers of shale and clay deposits. These layers can be detected in the delicate tracery of its texture. These tiles offer enormous potential for fascinating floors and walls, both inside and out. Use as an accent or to create a stunning statement. Our Rustic Multi Coloured Slate Tiles are ethically and sensitively sourced from China. Sizes: 600 × 600 × 15-18mm 600 × 400 × 15-18mm 400 × 400 × 15-18mm 300 × 300 × 15-18mm 3 Way Opus Pattern x 15-18mm

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