Our Duplex concrete is a panel of HDF with a counterbalance and an adhesion layer on which a 3mm concrete is coated and has been finished with various patinas. The 3mm top layer consists of 95% concrete (cement, sand etc) and 5% resin glue for optimal adhesion. Our concrete has supports other than HDF for different applications e.g. bathrooms or furniture specified on application.

The panels come in 2 standard sizes: 122 × 122cm and 122 × 247cm. Also, on specific demand 122 × 300cm. The panels can be cut and worked on with traditional wood tools. The blades and saws should be diamond coated.

We have introduced a  panel 120 x 80cm, the patinas options are limited, however the cost has reduced.

When fitted on the floor (for example the 122 × 122 tiles) the joints are finished with silicon to avoid water infiltration. This is done with a simple technique by applying silicon on the false groove before assembling the tiles.

After fittting or building, the panels need to be finished with a filler to protect against staining and dirt infiltration, and then a glossy concrete wax to add some brilliance. This is not a complicated process. The waxing can be done with a buffing machine. This treatment is not usually done for walls.

Please note that concrete is a natural product and slight changes in colour and structure can be possible.

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