Our woven vinyl, “Plynyl,” floor covering comes in roll or tile format. It can also be used as a wall covering, upholstery fabric and produced as a custom sized matt/rug. It comes in 3 different styles (Bamboo, Basketweave and Ikat) and various different colours.

The Plynyl Tile is an engineered product designed for heavy domestic and commercial use. It’s made up of the woven vinyl fabric bonded to a heavy-duty commercial backing. The Plynyl Tile has been tested and conforms to all national and international standards for dimensional stability, stain resistance and durability.

The tiles are 450×450mm and can be laid in any pattern desired, all in one direction, in a “basket weave” or quarter-turned. Different colours and styles can be combined to create any pattern desired.

The Plynyl Tile when installated requires a clean, dry and smooth sub-floor. The tile should be installed with a full spread of releasable adhesive, which will allow the easy replacement of a tile should it be necessary to change one. The tile is easy to maintain – vacuum and damp mop for most applications.

The Plynyl Roll Wall to Wall covering with its soft and resilient polyurethane cushion and richly woven vinyl texture and colour was recognised as a truly innovative flooring product when it was introduced in 2001. All of our Wall to Wall products come 180mm wide, except Basketweave which is 140mm wide.

Plynyl wall to wall installations require a clean, dry and smooth sub-floor. Plynyl wall to wall is easy to maintain – vacuum and damp mop. A periodic deep cleaning may be required depending on the use.

Cleaning and maintenance information available from Surface Plus.

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