Hanafinn Skavenja

SKAVENJA™ is a non-acidic grout haze, efflorescence and rust scavenger gel cleaner.

It is a multifunction cleaner that hunts down and dissolves cement grout, efflorescence, rust stains and other unsightly contaminants so they can be easily rinsed away.


Non-acidic and suitable for use on acid sensitive surfaces including marble, limestone, travertine and concrete

Effective efflorescence and grout haze and rust stains removal without using an acid wash

Can be used undiluted or dissolved – 1 part SKAVENJA™ to 5 parts water

Gel is ideal for horizontal or vertical surfaces


SKAVENJA™ is ideal for both vertical and horizontal porous surfaces that require cement grout haze or efflorescence removal. Eliminates the need to use conventional strong acid cleaning.

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